Buy Texas Yellow Cap Gummies For Sale


Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 4400mg (4.4g)

Dose/piece – 440mg/piece x 10pieces

Recommended Dosages & Effects – 1 piece (improved focus & concentration, reduced anxiety & depression, no body buzz), 2-5 pieces (light body buzz, hyper focused, energized, light & wavey feeling, giggly, happy, euphoric, minimized anxiety & depression), 6-10 pieces (strong body buzz!)

Description – It’s high noon, and the sheriff’s got a strain with your name on it! Texas Yellow Caps offer a mild psychedelic effect that’s not frightening or confusing.  Great for beginners! Thayt’s two counts of mood improvement, one count of enhanced creativity, and a life sentence for not sharing with the sheriff!