LSD-25 Liquid Solution


The LSD-25 Liquid Solution is a high-quality microdosing product available in a 30mL bottle. With five different concentrations ranging from 15µg to 250µg per mL, users can choose the dosage that suits their needs. This carefully formulated solution ensures consistent and accurate dosing, and the 30mL bottle size provides an ample supply for extended use. Suitable for those interested in psychedelic experiences and alternative therapies, the LSD-25 Liquid Solution offers a versatile and reliable option. Simply measure the desired dosage using the provided dropper and consume orally. Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase as needed for a personalized and controlled microdosing experience. Explore the benefits of microdosing with the comprehensive and reliable LSD-25 Liquid Solution. Product Categories: BLUE GOBA MUSHROOMS, DMT LSD San Pedro.